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"Collaborating with clients and stakeholders to restore natural ecosystems and the beneficial services they provide."

We rely on thorough subject-matter expertise and a collaborative approach to achieve comprehensive watershed planning and ecological restoration solutions. With extensive experience and trusted relationships amongst public, private, and third-sector partners, our work restores critical habitat, supports water quality objectives, mitigates flooding, and helps fulfill environmental regulations. 

Our Services

We are well-versed in regional and watershed planning; geomorphic assessment; hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; stream, wetland and floodplain restoration; agricultural best management practices; local, state and federal environmental regulations; flood analysis; construction management; post-construction verification; and financial planning & grant-writing for water resource improvements.
Reach out for help with your water resource challenges.

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The Benefits

Ecosystem services are the benefits provided to society by the natural environment. These benefits are diminished or lost entirely in degraded environments.  Spring Hill works to fulfill clients’ needs through ecological restoration strategies that restore natural landscapes and the ecosystem services they provide. Restoring natural ecological function can provide long-term, resilient solutions to diverse water resource challenges.

Weighing ecosystem services in decision-making helps organizations and communities take informed action to achieve lasting advantages.

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